2019/01/31 – Jem and the Holograms (feat. the Misfits)- Jem and the Holograms theme

What can I say? She’s truly outrageous. However, the Misfits’ songs were better.

I didn’t watch a ton of Jem back in the day, it was a little before my time, and as a young boy in the ’80s we were very focused on gender identity so liking girl shows was a bit taboo. Years later I realized this song is kind of a jam though. Today is a bit of an exception, the song wasn’t actually in my head right when I woke up, but my GF was singing it near me before anything else had kind of coalesced. If I went with what song popped into my head organically, it would have been Run the Jewels’ Blockbuster Night, pt. 1 which I may write about a different time.

I did not realize there was a recent Jem movie. Weird.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (It’s a mild slapper)

Last time I heard it: Last time I actually heard the song as recorded and played on the show, it’s been years. I did hear someone singing it this morning, and it comes up in conversation more than would be expected. Having a friend named Jim helps. I always think about how truly outrageous he is when we’re talking about him.

What do you think?