8/17/16 – The Microphones – I Want Wind to Blow/The Glow pt. 2

There was a very long period of time many years ago where I would have listed this as my favorite song.

This album has a very strong nostalgic feel for me. There were many late nights spent experimenting with various substances listening to it on repeat trying to find deeper meaning in the lyrics and long droney bits.

This was a very influential album in determining my musical tastes for years to come. It started me down a kind of dark and melancholy path that I had avoided up until then, as I was listening to mainly hip-hop, electronic, and punk, and wanted energetic music that made me dance and rock out more than anything. This album taught me that music could be just as much about the journey and take its time.

After 15 years this pair of songs still holds up. I still love the feeling and tone of it, and the storm at the end of “I Want Wind to Blow” is awesome, and really showcases Elverum’s awesome drumming chops.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Last time I heard it: It’s been a few years probably. I bought one of the 2013 vinyl re-releases and listened to it then, but haven’t listened to is since.

What do you think?