8/22/16 – Mr. Oizo – Cut Dick

This is a pretty new song to me. My GF stumbled on it when listening to a streaming radio service and shared it with me almost immediately saying it reminded her of me. I was into it the moment I heard that first guitar note. shit is so funky and fun, I was bobbing my head the whole time and immediately played it in our DJ room.

After bumping it a few times I had to know more. The rest of this album is interesting, and has a very experimental vibe. I started looking into who Mr Oizo was and was delighted to fine out Mr Oizo is a pseudonym for Quentin Dupieux, who was the writer/director behind a couple very strange and surreal but very fun movies: Rubber and Wrong. Rubber was a fantastic film about a tire that gains sentience and rolls around the desert blowing up things/people’s heads with telekinetic powers. Wrong was an existential exploration on the concept of living in denial about the reality of ones life, as told through a man’s journey to find his lost dog. Both are definitely worth checking out if you’re down for some bizarre, funny existential dread.

Fun fact: Mr Oizo co-opted this cute stuffed animal Flat Eric for videos, commercials, and other places:

mr oizo

The cover to this album is a reference to the opening shot of the Salvador Dali/Luis Buñuel surrealist short film Un Chien Andalou (which was also referenced in the Pixies song “Debaser”):

Given his film history it’s pretty clear this was a pretty big influence on him.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Last time I heard it: Yesterday, I’m currently taking a little vacation/mini-trip to Houston, and jammed it a bit during the drive down here, and showed it to some of our friends.

What do you think?