2019/01/22 – The Rentals – These Days

This one takes me back. The Rentals were started by Matt Sharp, the original bassist of Weezer. He apparently started the band and did some recording prior to leaving Weezer citing “creative differences.” I don’t really know what happened, but I remember a few things that basically said he was hard to work with and kind of too into the partying rockstar life style and the rest of the band wasn’t into it.

When this album dropped I picked it up based on the Weezer connection and the sorta hit they had with “Friends of P”It’s a pretty fun album for some good ’90s synth pop, and all the songs have the same feel. Other standouts from the album are “Please Let That be You,” “The Love I’m Searching For” and “Sweetness and tenderness.” It speaks to the catchy pop songwriting skills of Sharp that I still get these tunes in my head 20 years since I’ve actually listened to the album.

I remember picking up their follow-up album 7 More Minutes on CD from a bargain bin and it was real bad.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Last time I heard it: I have no idea. It’s been several years since I actually listened to it, but it always pops in my head whenever someone says the phrase “these days” or the word “lugubrious”

What do you think?