01/02/2017 – Why? – This Ole King

I’m a pretty huge Why? fan, so when I saw there was a new album coming out and a fresh single I immediately listened to it on repeat for the better part of a work day.

Today I woke up with the “There is no other…only this there is no other” line playing on a loop in my head.

Why? seems to consistently be moving further and further away from frontman Yoni Wolf’s hip-hop roots, and venturing more into this somber indie sound, and so far it has worked for me every step of the way. I’m really excited to hear the rest of the album, March can’t come soon enough.

I was a little concerned that we might not get more Why? for a while, after a few solo tours and last year’s Yoni and Geti collab album it didn’t look like Why? was coming back. That Yoni & Geti album was pretty hit or miss, but definitely had some strong points.

Why?’s Alopecia still ranks in my top albums of all time, and is one of the few albums I will go back and queue the entire way through pretty regularly.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ It feels weird not going 5, but it’s a long song, and it sometimes meanders a bit into strange territory. I’m not particularly into the last couple minutes.

Last time I heard it: It had been a few days, but I’ve listened to it at least once every couple days since I found out about it.

What do you think?