07/27/16 – George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You

I thought for sure today I was going to wake up thinking about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand” after watching Peaky Blinders last night, but my brain wasn’t having it. I don’t feel like there is a ton to say about this tune. It’s simple, fun and catchy, a solid ’80s hit for the ex-Beatle, and a great example of the collaboration between George and Jeff  Lynne as a producer. What I did not know about this song is that it is the only George Harrison hit to not be an original composition, and is actually a cover of ’60s R&B Singer James Ray. I almost like that version better.

I also like the Weird Al parody of this song, poking fun at the simplicity and minimalism of the lyrics.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Last Time I Heard It: I have absolutely no idea. It’s probably been ages.

What do you think?