2019/02/12 – The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast – Meet Rebecca!

I don’t watch much TV these days, but my partner does, and this has been one she has been working her way through lately. I’ve caught a few episodes and it’s pretty fun, and definitely grows into a more mature show in the more recent seasons. This song is the opening theme of Season 4, and sums up a lot of the humor and fun songwriting ability of the cast and writers. It’s a musical show, which I would ordinarily scoff at, but all the songs I’ve heard have been clever at worst and fantastic, funny and catchy at best. The musical styles run the gamut from what traditional theater musical faire, to pop, rock, rap at one point, and pastiche style send-ups of classic tunes (the one that was a Kung Fu Fighting style song in a recent episode was particularly good).

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Last time I heard it: Last time Kim watched the show. I can usually hear it from my office when i’m working or playing games.

What do you think?