8/7/16 – Cee-Lo – Gettin’ Grown

Cee-Lo has had one hell of a career trajectory. From Atlanta’s Dungeon Family to the Goodie Mob (and the weird cameo in 1999’s Mystery Men as the Not-So-Goodie-Mob), to an appearance on Santana’s Supernatural, to solo albums, to Gnarls Barkley, and now to The Voice, he’s done a lot.

I first got into Cee-Lo shortly after I started listening to hip-hop when I was a teenager with 2002’s Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect ImperfectionsI loved the soul and funk infused sound that married all of these classic genres with the world of hip-hop.

There are lots of standout tracks on this album. “Closet Freak,” “One for the Road,” and “Basshead Jazz” are probably my favorites, but “Gettin’ Grown” does hold a very nostalgic place in my heart.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Last time I heard it: Last week, for the first time in years, when a buddy played it in our DJ room.

What do you think?