07/10/16 – The Outfield – Your Love

Going all the way back to 1985 for this pop rock gem by The Outfield. There’s even an official video.

I will freely admit to never having heard of the Outfield when I looked this up. The song is fairly ubiquitous, and is the only one of theirs that had any kind of staying power outside the 80s.


Last time I heard it:

Last night, at Party World Rasslin’ presents Slip’n’Slam. It was the intro music for the high-flying man-slowly-turning-into-a-bird-while-juggling-fatherhood-and-a-semi-pro-wrestling-career Randy “the Eagle” Eagleman. 

If you live in Austin and haven’t heard of Party World Rasslin’, check it out for an amazingly over the top ridiculous good time.

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