07/10/16 – The Outfield – Your Love

Going all the way back to 1985 for this pop rock gem by The Outfield. There’s even an official video.

I will freely admit to never having heard of the Outfield when I looked this up. The song is fairly ubiquitous, and is the only one of theirs that had any kind of staying power outside the 80s.


Last time I heard it:

Last night, at Party World Rasslin’ presents Slip’n’Slam. It was the intro music for the high-flying man-slowly-turning-into-a-bird-while-juggling-fatherhood-and-a-semi-pro-wrestling-career Randy “the Eagle” Eagleman. 

If you live in Austin and haven’t heard of Party World Rasslin’, check it out for an amazingly over the top ridiculous good time.

What do you think?