08/10/2017 – Run The Jewels – Report to Shareholders/Kill Your Masters

I really just have the Report to the Shareholders portion on the song in my head this morning, but Kill Your Masters is pretty solid as well. It’s tough to say, but I think Report to Shareholders might be my favorite track on RTJ3. The first verse by El-P is fantastic. I love the fact that RTJ produces some of the most solid hip-hop bangers, and then can slow themselves down and still knock it out of the park when they have something a little more important to say.

Kill Your Masters is much more straightforward and aggressive, and the surprise guest verse from Zach de la Rocha is pretty awesome. While it definitely has a pretty aggressive title, in a very interesting interview Killer Mike actually talks about what the idea of Kill Your Masters means to him, saying that it’s not just this direct call to action against superiors, but also anything internal to yourself that keeps you from achieving your goals. Kill your addictions and your dependencies and prejudices to become a more complete person. But also, if you find yourself enslaved or in bondage, you should definitely take it literally.

Waking up this morning I also still had Anderson .Paak’s Come Down in my head. Man that dude is good.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Last time I heard it: It’s been a while, probably a couple weeks at least, but I saw someone talking about it on Facebook yesterday and it got stuck.

What do you think?